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Most of my pictures has high resolution and each picture is at full quality to please let it load they about about 600K each so you can always scale it down if you needed to. Feel free to download those Wall Papers and use them for your own computer. But please don't alter anything or put it on your site as your own. Send me any suggestion and commons to
All graphics on this site are copyrighted by Anthony Xiao 1999


Atomic World Atomic Universe
ATOMIC WORLD - A world fill with atoms and particles while radiation ray shoots through this area

ATOMIC UNIVERSE - A universe that has lighting stars dust, balls and Planet. While light ray travel pass you

MY WORLDS - I'm the one inside the photo
My World My World 2
MY WORLD - The person inside the photo is me. This picture reflect our world is all about electronic and powers the only place to found peace and nature is inside our imagination.

MY WORLD 2 - There is 3 people inside the photo all of them are me. This picture reflects the wars going on around the world you can see file in the backgound and volient lightings. This all show how volient the world is and people is fighting each other everyday.

The Reflection Portal
THE REFLECTION - I'm the one looking inside a CD it reflect myself in the CD like a mirrior. I'm a part of the technologies but looking for peace

PORTAL - Tunnel into an other time, place or dimension

BIRTH - The birth of a universe if you look carefully you can see a baby in the middle glowing