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Welcome to "ESSENTIAL ELEMENT STUDIO" My name is Anthony Xiao. firstly I like to introduce to you what this webpage is about. This page is about me and my designs. I've been using all sorts of different programs to design my things. But I use PhotoShop5.5 and Flash 4 for most of my works. Also little bit of Illustrator and other graphics programs. All my work is base on things around me. I use dreamwaver, frontpage and write HTMLs to design my website and use Flash for web graphics.

I'm a full-time student, I do my works after school usually very very late at night. I'm always burning midnight oils most of the times. Designing is just my hobby and I love it very much. I love the feeling when I got a design finish and look at the finished product for hours and see where I can improve on it. The feeling of looking back what you just created is unbelievable and exciting. That is the reason of why I do my designs. I also look at things around me very careful things like posters, advertising, other people's works, graphics, logo etc.. It makes me think about how they designed it, effect they used and how I can do better at it.

Well enough about me for now if you want to found out more goto the about me section. Feel free and take time to browse around the site, look at each picture carefully tell me what do you think of it by send me a line or two at

All graphics on this site are copyrighted by Anthony Xiao 1999

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